Four fundamental parental styles

Human development

Parental styles are defined by experts therapists and psychologists as the way parents face their children behavior, and how raise style involves parents emotions. Raise style or educate a child is very important because that is a base where parents set the social and emotional development to children. Experts Therapists remark four parental styles:

1- Authoritarian style.- We can talk about inflexible parents, they are not tolerants for children emotions. Childrens’ enviroments are setted on rules or punishments. There is not another way to live, only obedience, there is not dialogue to treat children feelings or emotions. Results of this parental style, damage to childrens self esteem, a lot of fears or temperamental childrens, no social spark and low human growth.

The way we are aducated is a great influence for our human development. Therapist call them parental styles.


Parental Styles, how have we been educated?

2- Permissive style.- In this case, parents don´t set clear limits or rules, parents show low affection or indifference, they aren´t able to control children activities and much less requirements for good behavior in life circumstances. There aren´t rules, there aren´t resposabilities. This sort of parental style trigger behaviors in children like rebellion, aggressiveness, low self esteem and low impulses control.

3- Overprotective style.- Otherwise, overprotective style sets very high affection, parents try to control children activities in such a way kids can be -always safe-, or in security zone. Parents avoid children life experiences for fear to anything negative can happend. There are low levels of demand, parents justify and forgive everything. This parental style trigger behaviors like insecurity, low self esteem and not sociable persons.

4- Assertive style.- This style shows high requirement level but high affection too. Recongnitions are setted, and comunication about rules and punishments as well. Parents explain to children their acts consequences, limits are setted and dialogue and reasoning are bases. These children will be friendly, self-sufficient, cooperatives and successful.

Does not exist a unique parental style defined for each person o child. Most parents try to combine all raise styles looking for a balance. We as adults must know that children emotions or feelings are normal and some times they can not to control it. You try to avoid ignore or discipline a child for your own emotions, because each child express feelings in a different way. Remember parental style are bases for the human development.