Tiger, extincted subspecies by the humankind

¿ Man's voracity?

We would define a tiger like a great mammal, yellow hair, dark transversal lines on its loin, head and tail, strong body, huge nails to hunting. Tiger is speedy, he lives a lonely life in India and other zones of Asia, he is about 2.5 to 4 m long (tail include) and he is one of the four species of panther gender.

This amazing animal, has been hardly pushined to trade skin and fangs. Photo Pixabay Creative Common.


Man has extincted a lot of animal species

Bali Island Tiger.- Extincted in 1937, this Bali Island endemic feline was the smallest subspecies, similar a jaguar size or a little bigger than a leopard. Due to the low extension of Bali island, it could not to content a high concentration of tigers, even tigers need huge territorial extensions to hunt and, in natural way, number of tigers in Bali never was vast. As the same way for other species, humans appear in Bali, poachers began to obtain tiger's leather. With this situation, firts and second world war, produced great devastation of natural resources in Bali, sentencing to death to this feline. Registers say the last tiger was hunted in 1937, a female, and from 1940 to 1972 there were registers about sightings not very clear. This tiger extinction has been declared since that time.

These are tiger extincted subspecies in the world

Java Tiger.- The Java tiger is one of the recently extincted subspecies, this tiger of Indonesia was of similar aspect than the Sumatra tiger (not extincted) with darker hair, more quantity and fine closer stripes. Some of this tigers had got over 100 lines than any other kind of tiger. Also hair cheeks was longer than any other subspecies. Java tiger was small, male tiger had got 100 kg weight and female tiger less than 75 kg weight. At the beginning of XIX century tigers population were decreasing for human invasion on Java Island. Forests and jungles were cut for agriculture, natural preys of this feline decrease as well, poachers killed tigers to trade leather. In 1950 there were 50 tigers left and Java autorities declared protected zones to save this mammal. In the 70’s decade last tigers were saw in Java, and today there are not registers of any sighting.

Caspio Tiger

Caspio Tiger.- Caspio tiger lived around of Anatolia peninsula, Caucasus, Kurdistan, nort of Irak and Iran, Afganistan and central part of Asia until to reach Mongolia. This subspecies was the biggest after Siberian and Bengala tiger. Males were 240 kg weight and females were smaller, 150 kg weight rate. Caspio tiger was a migrant animal to get food, porks, camells, horses and sheeps were their favorite meals. In XIX century, with colonization in the middle east, Caspio tiger was a threat for human settlements and agriculture. Ambientalist registers say Caspio tiger was extinc in 50’s decade with some sightings controversies in 1970.

Poachers show a Bali Island tiger. Photo wikepedia creative common.

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Tigers subspecies still exists are: Sumatra tiger, Amur tiger, Bengala tiger, Indochina tiger, South of China tiger and Malayo tiger. These subspecies are still threat by the hand of man.

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