Get to be a positive person!.

There are two thinking sides inside you, positive part and negative part. Don´t think about negative stuffs, get try new thinks, feed your soul and feed and your mind positively. If any anything does not work, try and over and over again.

Five easy steps to improve your self esteem

Around your heart

Self esteem is a fundamental skill to perform an action about human development, this is like -inner self - that says about you qualities and limitations. But our -inner self- could be dangerous some times if we don´t know how to manage adequately. We will offer you some advises to encourage all your potential like a great human that really you are.


Improve your Self esteem and Self confident now!

Our personal enviroment involves high percent of influence on our personality when we are children, our personal character get form little by little through the time. We learn about good things, bad things, ugly, pretty and all stuffs about life. Sadly not all people have lived in good circunstances to encourage an optimal mental health and realize our wanderful value like a person. Some times we are growing up with wrong feelings, fears and blames that spoil our self esteem and to love capacity.

1-Never compare yourself with others.- When we compare with others, our brain selective attention goes directly to something that we lack, therefore, we could feel our self worst than before. Is not good to think that to posses self esteem we need to be better about the rest of peopple, or beleave the rest of the peopple should be below you.
2-Be appreciated.- You have got qualities and a lot of stuffs that encourage your life. We should appreciate them. Exists a good technique to reaffirm this stage, you can write all good things that have happened to you, and write qualities too. With this method your mind and brain could be stimulated and avoid low self esteem.

Fall in love with your personal qualities

3- Peopple that love you.- They love you! They value you, go for them! avoid toxic and negative people. Regularly low self esteem people search for others approbation, normaly toxic persons or fake leaders. Some times they make you feel uncomfortable with their terribles comments.
4- Respect for yourself.- If you get respect for yourself, others persons will respect you!. Get to be loyal and real for your personal values, don´t make things that make you feel terrible just to complain others. If any one attact you, maybe any one could be jelous of you.
5- To criticize your self is not a good idea.- If you criticize yourself, brain could generate susbtances that affect your nervous system and trigger anxiety. We all commit errors any time, take it easy. Later you are going to have the aportunity to keep going ahead.

If you or any person close to you are suffering low self esteem, we truly wish can be helped with these advices. We’d like to recommend you some personal superation and self esteem books. Maybe therapist helping could be useful. This sort of personal troubles are more common than you think. Get regular exercise, and practice sports too. Remember, your a unique and priceless human being.

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