In our brain exists neurotransmitters called dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins. If any of them get fail could trigger stress or anxiety. It could happened to anyone.

Simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety

Get control of your mind

Let us define this: Stress is an our body response when we are exposed in danger situations, clearly real or inmminent. Our heart get bits faster and pressure get high, we feel tension for be careful about that situation. By the other side anxiety is an emotion and physiological response of a warning situation, but this is not so clair, there is not a danger situation definited, maybe it's not true or we are imagining any thing what could happen simply, and hour head is just turning around. If you have got anxiety you could feel tension, intrusive worrying, agitation, fears and others symptoms, and they could generate serious problems in your health.

Stress and anxiety can come out together, but their origin can be totally different. Our life style what we live and these difficult times, these sufferings are more common than you could imagic. There are millions of people with this kind of illness. Let’s jump into these advises that can relieve and help you to enjoy life.


Get control of your mind and relieve stress an anxiety

1- Nutrition.- Is very important to reduce sugar ingestion, candies, cakes and desserts. Scientifical studies have showed people with a high sugar intake are susceptible to suffer stress or anxiety. You need to change your diet with fruits and vegetables, avoid refined flours.
2- Excersice.- Outdoor is much better!, you can walk around a park, troting or running could make you feel better or even choose any sport that you prefer.
3-Listening positive music.- We would like to recommend you relax music, positive messages, nature sounds like river falls, birds, weave sounds effects, etc.
4-Fun activities.- Do like to draw?, Do you like to write?, relaxing activities like read personal growth books, cooking, gardening and others funny and relaxing activities. Keep your mind working and thinking healthty.

Inner peace, it's important

5- Keep your faith.- If you don´t profess any religion, you need to beleave in yourself. Feed your soul how you prefer, you could pray as well. Helpping for others is an excelent activity too. Human being needs to beleave in anybody or anything by nature.
6- Some times news about our planet are not the best.- Be informed is a good activity, but not all people are suceptible to recibe some sort of news. Strong news some times are of detrimental effects if you are suffering stress or anxiety. We would like to recommend you be careful about bad news.

We would like to emphasize, stress and anxiety have increased in last decades. Do you have sleep disorders? , any fear? Don´t be sorry for that, this can be controled if you attend recomendations and a very important things, visit your therapist to recibe prefessional help.