Five techniques to learn anything easy and faster

Let's increment our productivity

Today everybody wants knowledge to our life, to our jobs, to resolve problems and improvement our productivity. Let’s get to the point and dive into five techniques to learn faster and easy:

1- Modify your routine.- Make little modifications in your routine is the key. Example: While you are studying or working you can draw something about the central topic, take a cup of coffee and return to study. Later, make exercise by example and then return to study and so on. This technique keep you able to be alert, otherwise you can fall in a boring trap.

2- Chewing gum .- Believe it or not, chewing gum helps our brain to learn faster!. Cognitive studies remark that this activity can trigger benefits because keeps people awake and decreases, heals stress and anxiety, therefore increment our productivity.

Working and studying trigger stress or anxiety situations, let’s to relax and increment our productivity without our health risks. Take advance of this techniques.


Techniques to learn anything efforless

3- Intellectual hydration.- In fact, to drink water boost better brain performance. Scientific studies confirm that a hydrated brain during work or even though studying increase until 10% of productivity, increase retention grade to solve complex problems. So, let’s to drink water!.

4- Learn through different ways.- If you learn through cards or reading summaries, you could combine it, by example: Try to draw diagrams while you repeat loudly, (you are activating new parts of your brain) even though you can sing, you can imagine etc. The point is: to find other ways, other mechanisms to keep your brain awake, avoid routines.

5- reading speed.- It’s time to read faster, yes! If you practice read faster you will increment words read per minute. This activity keeps your brain awake and alert, therefor you will learn faster. Between 700 and 1000 per minute could be enough, but if you don’t reach this level don´t worry!, try it step by step and your brain will increment its retention capacity.

Congratulations.. Bonus to you! We´ve got much more techniques…

6- listen to the music.- A lot of people can not to learn without background music , in fact, music actives different brain zones that turn you more receptive, let us remember music is one the best therapies the healsa stress and anxiety. In other words music boosts brain performance and your mood, productivity and your confidence.

7- Learn in parts.- When you read a bunch of notes suddenly it will be tough to understand and remind that information, our brain don´t own a design to receive a lot of data at the same time. Therefore you should work in parts. Your subconscious will have enough time to keep that information, and this all little parts of data will be process in your brain faster.