This food could damage your brain

Delay aging process and keep good health with these advises

Eating habits we have adquired during these decades, have triggered focus in our health care. Healthy food is a basic base for human performance but, by the way, what’s behind about brain function? Our brain is a vital organ that keeps control of cognitive activities, vital movements and physiological functions for life, therefore we would like to mention food you should to avoid mainly, for brain good operation.
Avoid consuming salt excess: Keep a healty arterial pressure means look out our sodium consume. Salt excess provoke a high pressure increase.
Refined carbohydrates: A nearly relation exists between sweet carbohydrates and functions brain deterioration.

Brain, one the most important organs of our human body, take care of it!


These meals could damage your brain

Brain, a vital part of human body and many living beings, mainly vertebrates. Brain is located inside skull and it controls nervous system. This organ permit us breathe, sleep, get hungry and others esencial functions for living beings such as reasoning.

Take care of you maind and your body

Physical activity is a great factor, it permit oxigenize and activate cells in our body, also this is good habit to speed up our reasoning capacity.

Avoid Fatty foods: Fat triggers a lower glycemic rate, a cake or donut could contain a lower IG (Glyclemic Index) than integral rice, despite these are the worst elections for health.
Sweet foods: Fructose has been studied cause many sorts of fruit syrup have been added to meals. A high fructose consume could provokes damages in brain, mainly affecting memory stadies say.
Fast food: Brain functions even our mood, can bee affected by this kind of food, recently studies suggest a high risk depretion illnesses eating fast food.
Saturated fats: No healthy sources of saturated fat, trans fat and refined carbohydrats could trigger inflamation and affects brain functions, also anxiety, depretion and brain deterioration.