Zarandeado Mexican style grilled fish

The taste of sea food at your fingertips

The -mexican style grilled fish or (zarandeado fish)- is called this way because it needs an instrument where it was originally cooked: - A zaranda-. This tool is used for sifting construction materials, and in addition to this, the movements that are made to cook it, move from one side to the other (shaking). This dish is part of northwestern Mexico's gastronomy, Nayarit and Sinaloa mainly, although it’s also very popular in other regions. -Zarandeado fish- can be prepared with different kinds of fish, one of the most popular is the snapper fish, corvine fish, mahi mahi, snook fish, and even gray mullet fish that is cheaper and delicious.

How to prepare a good mexican shaken fish (Zarandeado)

Preparation method (corvine fish in the image), fish must be regularly filleted in longitudinal cuts (along the fish) in such a way that from one fish, two pieces can be obtained, or also from a single longitudinal cut (cutting from fish's back), or also called butterfly cut, like the image shows. In addition, fish must be perfectly clean and dry, without any other fluid, scales can remain to avoid dryness and overcooking. Once this is done, it is seasoned with salt and pepper to taste, and a touch of lemon juice. You could soak all the fish with some type of dressing of your choice, or some preparation of soy sauces. Afterwards, the ideal is to have a grill, or wood or charcoal stove ready, in which we are going to cook this delicious fish. While you clean and season fish, you can leave wood or charcoal burning to save a little time.

The taste of sea food at your fingertips

When burner be ready to cook, place the fish on the grill or -zaranda- (scale side first) and cook for about 15 minutes, after that turn the fish or grill to the other side and cook again for 10 minutes more.

Nutritional Information (100 g fish)
Energy 84 kcal
Proteins 17.76g
Fat 0,92g
Saturated fat 0,195g
Polyunsaturated fat 0,364g
Monounsaturated fat 0,16g
Cholesterol 58mg
Sodium 81mg
Potasium 351mg

In the image, note the fish's cut, you can request it at the fishmonger of your preference. We’d like to reiterate that once completely clean and dried the fish, it is placed on the grill to cook. Once cooked, you can decorate it with peppers, tomatoes, sauces and avocado to taste.

Much Flavor

In the image, improvised burner made of bricks, on the grill or -zaranda- gray mullet fish. As final notes, we’d like to comment that in some regions people choose to wrap the fish in aluminum paper before placing it on the grill. Other important fact, in some places of Mexico people use mangrove branches instead charcoal or traditional wood. Today is prohibited to deforest mangroves, let's keep our environment and enjoy your meal.

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