Healthty life.

Elements that shape our immune system are in tissues of nose, intestines and lungs. They protect our cells in our bloodstream. A strong immune system is sinonimous of avoid a lot of health problems.

Simple ways to strengthen your immune system

Would you like to avoid get ill?

In normal conditions immune system is ready to defend us 24 hours everydays and from differents focus. All we know immune system functions depend of good nutrition, but when our body is getting older, our immune system becomes in a central part to our health, due this get weaker trough the time. We should keep it strong and healthy, so, we will show you some advises to mantein your immune system performance properly and avoid illnesses.

1-Consume chards.- Preferably boiled, chards contain A, C, E vitamins and copper.
2-Consume Sunflower seeds.- Preferably dries or toasts, they contain E vitamin,copper, protein, zinc and folate.


Shield your immune system!

Be awareness about consuming vitamins, suplements or alimentaries complements. Consuming vitamins or suplements is not always good to our immune system. In fact, overfeed our cells with this kind of nutrition could trigger secondary effects and damage our health. Vitamins appropiate to our immune system are A, C and E, even folic acid and B group vitamins. We require minerals like copper, iron and selenium.
3-Spinach.- Spinaches could be boiled, you will get A,C,E vitamins, folate, copper and zinc to you immune system.

4-Wheat germ.- It contains E vitamin, folate, copper, selenium, zinc, proteins and magnesium.
5-Tuna.- Preferably boiled in water if it this canned. It contains E vitamin, selenium, zing and proteins, also omega acids, a fundamental part to our cells.
6-Beans.- Preferably boiled, they contain folate, copper, zing, iron and proteins.
7-Skim milk.- It contains A,B vitamins and folate.
8-Papaya.- This tasty fruit contains A,C,E vitamins and folate.

If you can see, all these aliments are commons, and try to combine them frecuently and eat them with a balance diet. There are thousands of recipes where this sort of food are included. Take care of your immune system and you will avoid a lot of health problems and sufferings.