To feel better digestion.

You can soak almonds one night before eat them. Next morning they will turn tender. You would peel them even if you prefer.

Almond's Super Powers!

Seed of health

Almond is a part of human nutrition since millennial times. Almond’s Culinary and nutrients properties turn this seed in a special aliment, and the seed's origin plant at the same time. Its scientific name is Amigdalus Communis L, and we can describe it as dicotyledonous seed, shaped by cotyledons and a germ of this plant, in other words this is a rosaceae family tree that can reach 6 meters high. Despite we call dried fruit to almond, the edible part is its seed, not the meaty part that cover almond seed. This meal helps to our nervous system and lows cholesterol leves in blood. Let us show you five super powers of almond for the human beings health.

Almond flower puts out spring entrance.


Get advantage of Almonds! Our health's ally

1- Proteins.- Almond proteins are of easy asimilation and they contain a lot of essential amino acids, it is surpassed by soy only. Porcent of proteins is high if we notice that we are talking about a vegetable.
2-fats.- More than 50% of almod is composed by healthy fats. Fat acids such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are predominant. Linoleic stand out for helping our nervous system.
3- Carbohydrates.- Almonds contain a lower quantity of this nutrient than proteins and fats, therefore you can take advantage combining both, for example bread, some fruits like grapes or figs.
4-Vitamins.- These seeds are rich in B1,B6 vitamins and E vitamin specially, and very low C vitamin levels.
5-Minerals.- Almonds are one of the most rich vegetables in calcium and phosphorus. They contain high magnesium, potassium and iron quantities.

Almond is a friend of our nervous system

How almond helps to our health?

Nervous Affections.- stress, depression, physical and intelectual fatigue: Appropriate balance in blood between calcium ions, magnesium and potassium, keeps our muscular tone and prevent nervous sufferings. Calcium low levels trigger nervousness.
High Cholesterol level.- Against a lot of people think, a rich fat food like almond, forces to low cholesterol in blood. Same case of nuts, because there is a balance in almond fat acids, and vitamin E wealth, that trigger an antioxidant action.
Heart Affections.- Calcium is involved in heartbeats regulation and controling blood pressure as well. Almonds are rich on Calcium and E vitamin, and for their action against cholesterol trigger good effects to face heart sufferings. E vitamin is a great antioxidant and avoid arteriosclerosis plaques in veins.

How can we consume almonds?

Eat them raw.-You can consume almonds freshly cut. They are of easy digestion.
Eat them dried.- After a while since their picking, almonds reduce their percentage of water and they get harder. You can eat them just like that, or you can toast them as well.
Almond milk.- Normally we can get milk adding water, mixing them and adding a little of sugar too, then you can filter that mix to obtain the liquid. You would drink it like any cow milk.