Coconut a wonder of nature

One of the most biggest curative fruits in the world

This fruit can be found in tropical zones of the world. Palm or coconut tree can reach about 14 meters high. This is not a season’s fruit, therefore we can eat it all year, also it contains a lot of curative properties, for example: To control cholesterol levels in blood and sugar levels indeed. Coconut contains minerals like iron and potassium and you can to prepare it easily if you have the opportunity to get it fresh as possible. Coconut water is delicious, after that, you can substract the flesh and combine it with salt and chili.

Coconut, all what this fruit can do for you

Other healhty features of coconut:
1.- It is rich in minerals and trace elements that contribute to the electrolyte replenishment.
2.-Healthy for the stomach, it is a nutritious fruit well tolerated by people with gastric ulcer, gastritis and heartburn.
3.- Coconut water is low in sugars, fats and rich in minerals. Suitable when there is diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.

A home made cutter coconut machine, Mr. Miguel Angle Flores, a coconut saleman

In the Pacific Ocean shores and beaches we can identify a lot of palms or tree coconut, these plants are huge, also called -tree of life- is planted in over 70 contries, in Asia and South America, this is a real industry that has shown rapid growth in the development of this fruit products, and is in great demand. Coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk and cream for example.

Nutritional information (100 grams Coconut)
Calories 354 kcal
Water 46.99
Carbohydrates 15.23
Proteins 3.33 g
Total fat 33.49 g
Cinder 0.97 g

Complementing nutrition facts, coconut contains a lot of moisturizers, energizers and calories, proteins also carbohydrates, salutary fats, vitamins and minerals. In summer you can not miss to enjoy a fresh coconut.

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Called palms or coconut trees, they are long, high and own shape leaves and straight trunk, they grow in hot and tropical areas. There are about 2000 species on earth.


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