Get to Know about the red snapper fish

Amazing fish that lives in American shores, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

The snapper fish lives in coral reefs and rocky zones, regularly shallow areas. Snapper inhabits almost in all american continent's shores ,even Atlanctic Ocean and Pacific Ocean's coasts. This fish has got bright red color over its scales, though there are several kinds of snappers, they seem to be one the most appreciated fish for fishermen, even as marine commercial product. Each Snapper can reachs great size (bigger than 6 ft in extremely cases) and they possess slim and shape incisors tooth and big eyes.

Watch this super video. A red snapper fish bitting the hook, amazing bright red color under the sea

This fish is considered a delicacy, flavor,texture and white meat are gastronomic explosion. You can cook it fried, in oven, or grilled. Fresh fish is much better, please respect the ecology authorities rules.


Red Snapper Fish, Treasure for fishermen?

The America shores and the Pacific Ocean keep a great marine variety species as such red snapper, and is for the gastronomic and restaurant industry an appreciated fish. In other countries it could be called -Pargo (Latin America)-, or -Besugo (Spain)-.

The snapper fish eats small fish and some crustaceans as such shrimps. Their activity are nearly related with tides, normaly when tides are getting hight and the moon's effect. This fish is considerated a good award for fishermen. If you want to catch one of this, you can use rod fish or a manual line with a preferred hook (it depends the size of fish what you want). About the bait,you could use, small squids, fish and shrimps, even artificial bait.

Red snappers (legal size), yellow tale snapers, and corvina fish

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