Why red snow is so dangerous?

Danger on earth

As we know, water posses capacity to get frozen by low temperatures in the atmosphere, and it could falls become in smalls ramified crystals. These crystals can join together by groups and fall out to the ground like white snowflakes. For natural reasons poles of the earth are frozen all year, but what is the red snow?
On august 1818 scottish captain and explorer John Ross and his crew were navegating on artic waters finding out shorts routes to the Pacific Ocean. Near to the Groenland coasts, they saw an unexpected situation, there ware several icebergs with redish tone and small flowing streams, like outbreaking blood. In those years botanical professionals suggested that red tone on icebergs could be caused by small micro-organisms concentration. Decades later scientifics studies showed that there were micro-orgnims involved in that situation indeed, an algea named Chlamydomonas Nivalis. Other researchs confirmed the rays of the sun transform the algie from Green color to red color using utraviolet beams.

Red Snow, a climate change effect?

With these scientific conclusions it was confirmed like a natural process observed every year in the Artic Ocean, but now, we’ve got a serious situation: With warming global red snow has become in a dangerous scene for humankind, because algie turns snow darker, and if this one is darker also absorb more sunlight, trigger melting aceleration about 17% approximately according with scientific studies in Alaska Universities. Scientifics are worry for a chain reacctions that could to provocate an increment oceans level water.

Let us take a look in Antartic! The other side of the world haves red snow as well and scientifics have made studies about melting poles and, it has become in a worst situation with warming global. Is so important humankind take conscience and changes to another life style for our planet conservation. We most to reduce polluting agents, take care of water in our enviroment.

About rest of the world case, there are have been registers of red snow cases in european contries such as Italy and others contries located in middle latitudes. Italians scientifics have said they are evaluating other possibles reasons causing increment of warming ice and this kind of algae presence.

Red snow concentrations are provocated by an algae combining ultra violet rays. it's been always a natural cycle that appears on summer regularly. Global warming situation is incrementing the afected zones on poles, they are turning red.

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