Seven types of infidelity that have nothing to do with sex

How unfaithful are you?

Infidelity is one of de main causes of divorce between couples, but beyond sexual or physical infidelity, what other attitudes can be classified as acts of infidelity from him or her? Let's see:

1-Financial Infidelity.- Do you have secret expenses? Do you have secret income that your partner is no aware of? Is it hard for you to show your financial situation to your partner ? Remember trust is very important to be able to a good relationship, and money issues are one of the main factors in divorce today. We recommend you transparency and understanding in both, expenses and income.

2-Emotional Infidelity.- If your emotions or feelings are more linked to a person who is not your partner, this type of infidelity is being committed. It has nothing to do with sexual encounters, just the fact of having shared emotions that are normally private or intimate.

Relationships are not easy to carry, that is why we bring you the most common types of infidelities and avoid them if you want to lead a committed and emotionally healthy life.


infidelities that have nothing to do with sex

3-Cyber infidelity.- Using technology is easier to be able to establish relationships with all kinds of people. Obviously this gives the opportunity to more easily establish some type of bond. Photos and videos are shared, and chats are made available even to find a partner, or if you already have it, meet more people fantasizing with suggestive likes or comments, without physical contact, only virtually.

4-Infidelity by absence.-.- We are never there when we are needed, usually overwok, maintaining social status in meetings with friends, spending more time with parents or relatives, of course, we all need friends but we must maintain a balance and full communication of these types of situations.

5-Infidelity out of loyalty.- If you show your loyalty to other people before or more than to your spouse, you are more connected with your friends, including your own parents, your profession, or even with people who are not very close, you are committing this type of infidelity.

6-Infidelity due lack of responsibility.- Is it hard to you to admit a mistake? A fault? If you reject an act that brings consequences and even, you do not apologize for it, you would be committing an act of infidelity. In a relationship, it is very important to maintain transparency and especially to know how to apologize when something is wrong.

7- Vital infidelity.- When a person lies about his life, his status, his job, his economic position, even his health, he would be committing this type of infidelity. Normally in dating applications this is very common, you present yourself or pretend a life that you do not really live, and it appears at the beginning of a relationship.