Hamburger, its real origin

What is the origin of this popular this?

The times of birth of hamburger are not precisely known, but there are data that in the 16th century Mongolian and Turkish tribes were already grinding meat, especially low-quality meat to make it more edible and to be able to transport it easily. It is also said many cultures mashed the meat by placing it on the saddle of their horses when they were riding, making this process easier. Centuries later with the invention of the machine for grinding meat in Europe, consumption was facilitated, because it was already possible to grind meat with additional cartilage and fats. Dishes with ground meat became popular especially in Hamburg Germany, emerging the typical dish called -Hamburg meat- which would later be called -Hamburger- hence its origin.

Grilled, it tastes better! Hamburger and its history

With the arrival of migrants to North America, they brought this dish with them, becoming more popular in the 20's and becoming an icon of gastronomic culture in the United States. Such is the impact of the hamburger that in 1950 restaurant chains emerged, until today are very popular. The modern hamburger that we all know consists of ground beef grilled, bread, onion rings and slices of tomato, lettuce and some other ingredients that have been modernizing it, without missing the famous French o fried potatoes. However, the hamburger was not always like this, some historians point out at the beginning of the 19th century, where Charles Nagreen used to sell Hamburg meat at a fair in Wisconsin USA, basically the meat without bread, and whose sales were not very popular because walking in a fair with a piece of cooked meat in your hands was not the most comfortable. But Mr. Nagreen had the idea of placing two pieces of bread between the meat, so people could walk and eat at the same time while enjoying the fair, this gave rise to the modern hamburger.

What is the origin of this popular this?

In Hamburg city there is still a controversy of the true birth of bread with meat, and it is until the 20 century that its popularity exploded in USA and expanding throughout the world with the advertising strategies of leading chains that market it. Similar to Italian pizza or Japanese sushi.

On the other hand, changing to issues related to the environment, the consumption of meat in the world has been so much, environment has been affected by the deforestation of forests. Let’s remain that a single cow needs an average of one hectare to feed itself, adding the polluting gases they produce. We do not deny that meat is tasty, buy we could think about reducing its consumption to save our planet.

This a modern burger, but in reality, it was never like this.

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