involved about coronavirus transmition?.

Nottingham Unversity scientifics have said relation covid-19 and pangolin is not too clear, but they do not discard a possibility that this illness outbreak has a relation with bats or another sort of animal species to humans.

Pangolin, Why is the most under traded animal in the world?

Mammal in total extinction danger

Pangolin is a little mammal and its main feature consists in a thick scales shield all over its body. The scales are brown color and composed of keratin, a protein what we can find in nails and human hair, species like rhino in horns and elephants in fangs too. This mammal posses powerful claws in paws that allow him digging on ground to get its meal. They prefer insects, ants and termites. To catch insects pangolin posses a slim, viscous and long tongue to explore holes in soil or trees and finally find meal. They have got poor eyesight but a powerful sense of smell.


Pangolin is hunted for curative properties supposebly

There are several pangolin predators, felines mainly. When pangolin is under threat he curl himself up, Its tail and its head turning in a scales ball. There are eight pangolin species on earth, four species in Africa, and the rest in Asia, in countries like China and Indonesia. Sadly pangolin is in extinction danger cause over hunting, pangolin under trade break out cause meat consumption that is considered social status in Asia. Pangolin meat is regularly cooked like soup and this mammal is considered like an aphrodisiac also, scales are used like traditional medicine. Asian population argue pangolin scales relieve arthritis, but scientific community have been exposed pangolin scales don´t posses curative properties.
Hunt a pangolin is easy, just find him! Poachers take them with their hands, the unique pangolin defend is curl himself up, therefore pangolin is the most animal species under traded in the world. Records show more than million pangolins hunted and killed.

On image, pangolin scales are subtracted and sell them illegally. Scales relieve arthritis and women lactancy sufferings supposebly. Scientifics have not found curative properties in scales, just keratine, a protein found in nails and human hair.

Fortunalety, civil organizations have came out around the world to protect pangolin. Information is a principal weapon to face poachers. Get to inform them the this animal importance because pangolin is desappearing. China, one of the main pangolin consumers, has removed scales from its basic traditional medicine list. This action has had positive effects, it is a good new! But is not enought.

Covid-19 Relation
With Covid-19 outbreak several contries have been tracked corona virus origin. Firts theory about that was a sort of bat from China would be a link to this human illness. Independents scientifics discovered that corona virus genome is 99% compatible with a sort of coronavirus found in pangolin and today, this is a line of research. More information about pangolin (source) at

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