Rhino Horn The Savage Under Trade

Rhinoceros in extinction danger

Rhino is a big size mammal, thick skin and his main characteristic is on his head, bumps horns. Rhinos can reach a ton weight and they are some of the most biggets mammals on hearth. Today this mammal is under threat for illegal hunting due his horn consume exactly. Indian rhino, Java's rhino, Sumatra's rhino, White and black african rhinos they all are in focus by wild animal conservationists and under trade groups, conforming a war, in the african continent principally.

Why rhino horn is consumed?

Traditions and milenaries cultures in some asian countries such as China and Vietnam, consider rhino horn like a powerful aphrodisiac, also they think it contains curative properties to face several diseases like cancer, and hearth sufferings, turning a rhino horn like fountain of eternal youth.

War with no winners

Strangely enough, scientifics and investigators have not proved these supposed benefits, because rhino horn is composed by keratin, a protein found in hair or nails. Despite these scientifics results, these contries continue to consume rhino horn powder, provocating a millonaire illegal trade, stronger than drugs commerce in fact. Rhino population is getting weak on earth and we have got a huge risk, we could lost this amazing animal. Civil and militaries organizations are on guard in contries such as Southafrica, Namibia, Kenya, Zimbadwe as serveral years ago a war has broke up against poachers, wild conservations programs, surveillance and strict measures to face this issue. Rhino, like others animals species keep under risk and we should to avoid danger extinction situations to others animals by the man hand.

Black rhino and white rhino are the most under traded species on earth, cause their grate size, also they posees two horns fromt of the head. These species inhabit in african continent. Rest of rhinos species live in Borneo, Java and Sumatra, whose posses just one horn, also they are smaller.

Scientifics have not found curative benefits about rhino horns, however, demand is getting high trigger an under trade of 50,000 Dlls per kg.

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