Black Panther, a never has existed species

Get to Know the true about this mammal

We have heard a lot of histories about this typical feline, the black phanter, films and cartoons, sport teams names and more. But you should know the real origin, it could be a surprise to you. The -panther- word is referred to that feline capable to roar. In fact, there are great variety species. In this case and talking about black panthers we can find some kind of felines with black hair color with a genetic alteration. A compound called melanin located in cells is responsable to turn skin, eyes and hair color.

Black panther, what is the real indentity of this feline?

Black panther is not a particular species, it would be related with a cougar, jaguar, a leopard, even lions (rare cases) and tigers. These animals have been suffered skin genetic alterations and consequently, cells of these mammals had been exposed to great quantities of melanin, turning black color its hair and skin. This alteration is called melanism.

Get to Know the true about this mammal

Otherwise, lets take a look at the other side, we can find albinism alteration or melanin lack. This situation trigger absence of color on skin, in eyes and hair. Albinism could be found in some humans where their skin is extreme pale or extreme white, even almost pink color. About feline cases with albinism have been found frequiently in lions or tigers.
Summarizing finally, if you hear about black panthers, remember that some kind of felines like cougars, jaguars or leopars can suffer genetic alterations , maybe melanism turning black color, or albinism turning white color.

Melanism (melanin excess) can appears in differents felines species, more common in some ones than others. Cougars, jaguars, leopards and tigers can suffer these genetics alterations.

We can observe a jaguar female and its puppy, jaguar is an american continent native feline. This animal lives in tropical forest.

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