Favorite town for foreigners.

The fame and tranquility of Ajijic has been for many years the favorite place of painters, sculptors, muralists, writers and intellectuals, that have decided to settle in this wonderful town. Enjoy Ajijic, a town that combines modernity with its foreign inhabitants, and the essence of colonial Mexico.

Ajijic, Why do thousands of foreigners come to live at this town?

The eternal smile's town

Ajijic is a small community located in western of Mexico on the banks of Chapala Lake, belonging to Jalisco state. Derived from Nahuatl (axixic) which means, -The place where water spills-, it is a very picturesque town full of peace and tranquility that was founded in the middle of 16th century.
Ajijic is about a half-hour drive from Guadalajara's international airport. This positions the town close enough to the big city benefits of Guadalajara, while still being tucked away from the urban sprawl in a unique natural setting. if you have the opportunity to walk through the streets of Ajijic, you will see murals on the fences, cobbled ways, houses made of -adobe-, urban landscapes, a lot of handicraft shops and in addition, Ajijic owns a small boardwalk on the shore of the lake, where you could take a ride in a boat or canoe.


Ajijic Mexico, the foreigners' town

Streets, houses and parks reflect a very Mexican colonial style, a very quiet place where you could have a good rest. There are hotels, not too big but comfortable enough to have a good experience.
Curiously, for few decades, Ajijic has become a very attractive home for thousands of foreigners of different nationalities. People from Europe, Asia and the United States have built their own rest houses in the surroundings of the town, making it even more attractive. According to the census of the authorities, more than 15,000 foreigners are estimated in the town, making a quiet, attractive and safe place. Ajijic is an attractive town for retirement due low costs to live according to the the strangers' budget. You could live a modest but good quality life for about 1000 USD.

Ajijic, the favorite Chapala City's son

Ajijic's gastronomy is amazing, -charal fish- and -mojarra fish- are delicious, even its traditional exotic food. On the shore of lake, you will find a bars and restaurants area to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

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