Labradas Beach, a Window Into Our Past

Let's travelling back in time

This mystical beach called -Las Labradas- (rock engravings beach) is located in north west of Mexico, 40 km to north of Mazatlan. -Labradas Beach- is an archeological zone considered one of the most importans of american continent, and is named of this way becuase we can find a lot of ancient civilizations rock art. Archeologist dont´n know what sort of civilizations were living at this place exactly, but hundreds of tourist visit this beach.

Double spiral and wavy lines petroglyph it seems to be a feather


Amazing window to our ancestors

At -Las Labradas- - (rock engravings beach) we can find undreds of volcanic rocks engravings around the beach 400 mts long where, shape rocks represent humans, animals, vegetables, geometrics shapes and amazing cosmos shapes too. Archeological authorities say these petroglyphs were made about 3000 years ago and due this zone is on tropic of cancer, scientifics remark petroglyphs are related with summer and winter solstice. Most of rock art at this beach can be appreciated with a naked eye but in several shapes sunlight and the moon are involved to much if you want to see it, even tides.
Some rocks are beatten by waves of sea and they sustain erosion with winds combination. If you visit this zone, you will enjoy an amazing view with rock art. This is a mystical beach, a window into our past.

Let's to visit this amazing archaelogical zone, -Las Labradas- a really journey to our ancestors and ancient civilizations

A bird face, it seems to be a pelican, eyes, and detailed feathers engravings

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Let's traveling back in time

Labradas beach an archeological zone in nort west of Mexico, where ancient civilizations leave an heritage of knowlage, ideas, and especially deep paw prints to humankind history, and today new generations have the opportunity to revive our past.

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