Blue Agave, a Millenary Plant.

Agave zone is formed by thousands of hectares to grow blue agave. These plants are suculents, a kind of cactus, they require sandy soil whith excellent drainage to prevent rot and infrequent watering. Growers cut leaves to obtain the core (agave pineapple) to produce agave juice, that is fermented.

Tequila Tour, Symphaty on Wheels

Take a really funny ride

Tequila Jalisco Magical Town in Mexico, this town has been known for the tequila drink origin. Tequila town is full of fun and surprises: Gastronomi, bars, restaurants, liquor stores and above all, friendly people. Destilleries and farms keep a lot of history, and this town is visited by thousands of tourist each year, one of the preferred sightseeing are tours and rides around the Tequila town. Rides are made on peculiar and adapted vehicles about mexican folclore. By example you could ride on an -Agave Pineapple bus-, a tequila bottle bus or on a berrel bus, even a mexican chilli bus, these are the most liked representations by tourist. These Fanny buses are made by differents tequila drink companies, they try to attract more peopple as posible to their stores, tours and farms.


This is a typical tour in Tequila Jalisco

Main places you could visit on these buses are:
1-Main square and church: In fact, this is the starting point. There are restaurants, handicrafts stores and small outdoor bars, you will see several buses waiting for you. You could choice that you prefer.
2- Walking at the streets: You’ll find old farms, mexican traditional architecture, distilleries and a lot of history of tequila mexican brands growers.
3- Blue agave landscapes: Tequila town is surrounded by thousands of hectares of blue agave plantations. Blue agave is base of tequila drink and this zone can be explored by Tequila Cuevo Train. Yes!, one of the most famous companies, Tequila Jose Cuervo Company offer an excelent ride by train, you can not miss it.
4-National Museum of Tequila: You could find data and history, photos, antiques an how was discovered tequila drink when craftsman lived during spanish colonolization.

Tequila tour, ¿How these vehicles ared modified?

Modifications to these vehicles stand out, it's remarkable for tourist surelly, you'll want take a ride on one of these buses to get know this beautiful place, Tequila Jalisco.

¿How these modified vehicles are made in Tequila Mexico? Bussines men regularly buy from factory with the original form these buses. After that, bussines men contact a laminating and painting workshop to change the original form of the bus. One of the most famous workshops is located in Guadalajara Mexico, they perform a tv program in Discovery Channel named -Mexicanicos-. Mr. Martin Vaca owner is a recognized mechanic to modify and rebuild differents sorts of vehicles.
And remember, nearby Guadalajara, you can find a lot of fan, culture and entretainment, visit Tequila Town in Mexico, where the tequila drink came out.