Three Beautiful Islands in Mazatlan

Located in front of Mazatlan coasts these islands are very attractive for sightseeing

These islands called Wolf, Deer and Birds, are very important and attractive for touristic economical activity of Mazatlan. Morvelous landscapes and a spectaculare view -Three Islands- how the natives call them, are a natural heritage. In these Islands live several animal species, birds and plants, also we could find sandy and rocky beach zones. Undred of several species of birds live in Birds Island where inhabit rabbits also, raccons and differents kind or reptiles. Deer Island is the biggest one, and there is a beautiful and large beach, with very crystal clear water. Wolf island is the smallest one, lack of beach because that is a rocky zone but you can enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Wolfs,Deers and Birds Islands in Mazatlan

These islands are protected by ecologycal authorities, they are a natural heritage and they are visited for touristic proposal only. (Discovery Chepe photos)

Located in front of Mazatlan coasts these islands are very attractive for sightseeing

On kayak, sailboat or acuatic moto is possible to take a ride around the zone. There are differents touristic services at the beach and tourism guides abound. You could swimm, practice haking, fishing and even dive. Looking for relax? Enjoy beautiful landscapes and take a rest at the beach while you are getting a tan.

Panoramic image from Deer Island beach, and hotel zone at brackground. On kayak, yach, sailboat, you can not miss it, crystal clear water and lot of fun!

Lateral view, they are aligned in front of the coast and they are clearly visible. From left to right, Wolf Island, Deer Island and Birds Island. Deer Island or -middle island- how natives call it, is the most visited, it posses a 700 mts long beach with extremely crystal clear and calm water. It is a very safe beach for families and kids. If you preffer exploration, you could enjoy a espectaculare view above, until reach the top. There are paths to get there by foot. It is a wonder view of the city.
Birds Island (right) possess a wild appearance however it can be visited as well. There is a little rocky beach, an excellent oportunity to fishing, and also inhabit undred or birds species too.
Wolf Island (left) is composed by very rocky soil and only can be visit by boats, lack of beach but you could enjoy the wonderful landscapes there. When tide is low a lot of fishermen take a look around by foot, picking up shells and catching little fishes. These three islands are a symbol for the natives of Mazatlan and Mexico. You can not miss it on your next vacations.

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