Sahara Desert, ¿What are the effects of dust?

Sahara dust is a treasure for others living beings

Sahara desert, one of the most largest and hotest places in the world, and one of the most hostile enviroment on earth. It cover 3.6 square miles in north of african continent, maybe same USA size, including Alaska and Hawaii. Sahara desert bordered on west to Atlantic Ocean, on east to Red Sea, on north to Mediterranean Sea and on south to Sahel savanna. In this huge desert there are countries like Egipt, Libia, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan and Morocco.

Shara, a fertilizer desert to the world

Despite this ecosystem is composed of sand and dust, harbor life!, hundreds of animal species live in this desert. Each year, when summer and fall begin, dry winds get unite and get move to the west, to the Atlantic Ocean. These winds are totally composed of dust that can last for a week, but some times trade winds can came together, becoming and triggering in a durable huge air mass crossing the Atlantic Ocean until reach America. It’s not very common situation but it happends some times. It can occurs twice a year, and dusty winds can reach zones like , North America, caribbean, even Canada. In some cases, ambientalist authorities have reported dusty winds in Brazil, where scientifics say that Sahara dust is a fertilizer for Amazonas jungle.

The largest desert of the world

Another feature about this dust, it is very important for natural cycles on earth. This is a mineral dust suspended in the air that absorb solar beams, regulating temperatures on earth, also dust replenish nutrients in the ground in tropical zones and oceans. Dust chemical elements contribute for the oceans life, but some times it can be toxic for some species like coral reef.
About the effects in humans, low quality of air is remarkable, trigger allergies, and problems in lungs, especially on persons with breathing illnesses ,also eyes irritations. To prevent and care our health, using mask and any kind of glasses to cover eyes can be enought. But people with breating illnesses most to extreme cares, don´t forget Covid-19 pandemic and stay at home.

Sahara desert one of the most largest of the world, only below the artic and antartic about size, although they are frozen. Totally hostile enviroment for life. How ever, in this desert live a lot of animal species, some mammals, reptiles and birds.

Wins coming from North Africa and get join with Atlantic Ocean winds, trigger a journey for 10,000 km until reach american coasts. Dust clouds concentrantion are not typical, but it has occured on differents cycles on hearth. (Photo NASA-NOAA s

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