What's the most venemous tree of the world?

Named the dead tree as well

Named -Manzanilla de la Muerte- or (dead chamomile), its scientific name is (Hipponame Mancinella). This tree owns Guinnes record for the most venemous tree of the world. This is a native american plant and we can find it in Florida USA, Mexico, Caribbean and South América coasts ¿Why is a venemous and dangerous tree? Each part of the tree is capable to kill living beings in agonizing ways. Example, fruts of this plant rise like an apple and seems to be an apple, it has got a similar scent and taste like and apple. Who has tasted this frut, after some minutes it could trigger intense estomachache with burning sensation around the body for several hours. Some organs can produce internal hemorrhages, throat problems and breathing complications, and finally dead.

Beach Chamomile, the most dangerous of the world

This tree is terrifying!, we have more features. It produces a extremely venemous sap, viscous and white color sap. If some body touch it, it can produce serious burnings skin like an acid with a lot of pain. In extreme cases, if your eyes get in touch with the sap, it could kill you too.
Thare are some histories about south american and caribbean natives persons who use this sap on arrows to hunting and catch their preys. It is very important, keep away from those shadows trees, and don´t thouch it.

Another important factor about this tree, when it´s raining, water cleans leaves, sticks and branches, draining and falling contaminated water to the ground. If any person stay under this tree and it's raining at the same time, person will suffer skin burnings because water and sap are mixed like an acid. A lot of tourist in caribbean zones have suffered accidents for getting close to this kind of tree when is raining.
More information? Yes! Remember this feature, if you make wood fire with this tree branches, the produced smoke is so toxic that if could trigger blindness if you are quite close, iven if any body take a rest close this tree, can be breathing venemous toxins, trigger in dead.

This tree can get 20 meters hight, they rise in coast zones. Some times they are a little tilt, it has got Green-yellow color leaves and elliptical shape.

Despite danger, Natives and ecologics authorities have forbiden cuts, as this tree haves a very important function in the ecosistems, because it avoids erosion and protect mangroves. To prevent accidents, tourism authorities have placed warnings and information about this tree. Tourist shall not to touch and don´t get close to this tree.

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