Five climate change's remarkable effects

Debate topic around the world, Massive consequences?

This is an everyday topic around the world, ¿What could we do? ¿What's the next steep to rescue our planet? our home. Let's see five notorious consequences about warming global:

1-Melting Ice.- Sun rays reach our planet with greater intensity, the world's glaciers will have disappeared if we don not take any action, as will the Polar ice cap, and the huge Antarctic ice shelf, Greenland may be green again, and snow will have became a rare phenomenon.

2-Rising Sea Levels.- Melting ice impacts rising sea levels. Average sea level around the world rose about 8 inches (20 cm) in the past 100 years; climate scientists expect it to rise more and more rapidly in the next 100 years as part of climate change impacts.

Climate change's remarkable effects, danger on earth

3-Disease and pandemic.- We don´t know the exacty COVID-19 origin. However differents pest's populations are on the rise, and illnesses once found only in limited tropical areas are now becoming endemic in much wider zones. In Southeast Asia, for example, where malaria had been reduced to a wet season only, it is again endemic almost everywhere year around.

4-Changing ecosystems.- From hot to cold interchange and viceversa, rising temperatures at the equator have pushed such staple crops as rice north into once cooler areas, many fish species have migrated long distances to stay in waters that are the proper temperature for them. In once colder waters, this may increase fishermen’s catches; in warmer waters, it may eliminate fishing; in many places.

Debate topic around the world, Massive consequences?

5-Reduced food production.- One of the most striking impacts of rising temperatures is felt in global agriculture, although these impacts are affecting several zones of the world on different ways.


Swamps, lakes and estuaries have been affected due water temperature changes. Microorganisms at the food chain's top are affected too.

Harvesting fruts, seeds, vegetables and crop products is more difficult each time due unpredictable weather

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We must respect the planet and nature. We own great technological advances but we are destroying our home, our planet, our world. We are supported by nature, seas, lakes, rivers, sky and our sun, please take care of them, take care of your life and take care of animals.

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