Five Fungie Kingdom characteristics that you didn´t know

Yeast, mushrooms, mold and more

Fungi kingdom is composed by yeasts, mushrooms and mold and others very important organism for the balance of nature, in fact humans being have learned to use them in food and medicine like penisilin by example. Let us check fungi organisms characteristics:

1- Yeast, mold or mushrooms are simple organisms and they depend on others living beings. Although these organisms are related with plants, they lack of roots, leaves and stems, they don´t own chlorophyll, that means they can not obtain energy from water and carbon dioxide, like plants do.

Five Fungie Kingdom characteristics that you didn´t know

2- These organisms depend on plants and other living beings and they can not make photosynthesis process neither.

3- Fungi organisms help to decompose organic matter, therefor soil can get nutrients and minerals for plants. Others organism can generate diseases, due there are goods fungi organism and not too good.

4-On the other hand gastronomic industry has got advantage with these organisms, by example beer yeast, wine or cheese aging, typical and exotic dishes of the world could include some sort of fungi organisms.

5- A lot of sort of fungi organism exist in the world, especially about their structure, by example only one cell organisms, so tiny like mold in soil or mud. Others mushrooms own multicolor shapes, therefor we could find peculiar structures in grass, on wood or even on tree stems or rotten matter as well.

Mushrooms can get different colors and shapes, and they own a particular beauty, in soil, on wood or with decomposing matter and enough humidity, we could obtain a mushroom surely.

Some scientists think fungi organisms are derived from algae, because their obtain energy from others living beings.

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