Rafflesia Arnoldii, the largest flower of the world

As big as an umbrella!

Rafflesia Arnoldii, is a kind of asian parasite plant that inhabits in asian forest, in Indonessia principally, in islands like Borneo, Sumatra and countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. It was discovered in XVII century by the french botanic Luis Deschamps in Java Island, between 1791 and 1794. The flower size is about 30 Inches regularly, how ever it could rise bigger as an umbrella.

Foresters and authorities look this flower after in the main forests where it inhabit. Global warming and tourist visits could damage it


Rafflesia, the largest flower of the world

About the flower conformation It has a structure like a dome where enormous petals are united. Petals are spotted and they have got a kind of secretion. Inside dome we can found spines with circular shape that add singular beauty for the flower. Though It has got a terrible smell like rotten meat what is used to attract insects to polinization process. This flower lack of leaves and it begins to rises like a pod between 8 and 10 inches, after serveral months, keep rising and open its petals to shape this beauty and rare flower. Some scientific studies have showed that they lack of chlorophyll, so they can not start a process of photosynthesis .

Kaho Sok National Park in Tahiland. One of the protected zones by government where thousands of turists come to visit and enjoy nature. Including this wonderful flower

Thounsands of tourist come to visit forests, specifically to find one of these flowers. It's not easy to find it, when flowers rise, they remain between six or seven days only, after that, they begin to getting dry and they dead finally

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