Privacy Policy an entertainment web site where you can be in touch through e-mail is goint to inform you next:

1- Each time you access to our web site we collect demography information like countries, gender, age and sort of dispositive that you are using (cell phones, tablets, laps top or desk top), all this through Google Analitics to record statistics, metrics and interaction users using our web. This information automatically is registered each time you access in one of our articles.

2- Demographic data are used to improve our service, improve our performance and try to offer you services and products through Google Adsense publicity in our web.

3- If you want to be in touch with us, sending a message through e-mail, we will be collecting this information.

4- We DO NOT collect sensitive information like phone numbers, address, name or last names or other kind of personal data.

5- We DO NOT collect financial data like credit cards or debit cards numbers.

6- We DO NOT collect information through cookies.

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Updated: 11-22-2020